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Sweet Flowerpots

Get a jump on early spring gardening in the kitchen with sweet flowerpots that bring a whimsical touch of Nature to dessert and snacks. Crispy sweet cups, with an assortment of berries and fruits “planted” in a delicious healthy ganache "soil" – what could be better?

Flowerpots are elegant to present at a luncheon and a creative, fun way to engage kids of all ages to plant their garden and eat fruit, because whatever kids have a hand in making, they'll be sure to relish.

Prep time 20 minutes Bake time 20-25 minutes Makes 12-14 3”x2” pots



1 cup legume flour (I used chickpea but any will do)

1 cup whole grain flour (I used millet but any will do)

1 ½ cups dates, any variety

½ cup sweet potato pulp, steamed, baked or microwaved

2 Tablespoons arrowroot or tapioca flour

1 Tablespoon golden flaxseed, freshly ground

1 Tablespoon white or black chia seeds, freshly ground

1 teaspoon ground Ceylon cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon grated nutmeg

Cacao Ganache Soil

2 ⅔ cups date paste from 3 1/2 cups pitted dates, any variety

1 ½ package silken or soft tofu, drained well

3 ¾ teaspoons naturally fermented shoyu (fermented aged soy sauce) or tamari

¾ cup cacao or cocoa powder (natural not Dutch-processed)

2 Tablespoons vanilla extract or seeds scraped from 12” of vanilla bean

⅛ - ¼ teaspoon chipotle powder or other ground chili, or to taste

Fruit Toppings

Take advantage of seasonal fruits for the best flavor and nutrient-density to “plant” in your pots. Mix and match small berries and grapes with larger/longer slices of other fruits to create a panoply of diverse colors, shapes, textures and tastes for the greatest visual and flavor interest, For apples and pears which oxidize quickly once they are cut, soak them before use in water acidified with lemon or lime.

If you like, garnish each flowerpot with a fresh mint leaf or microgreens.



Preheat oven to 370°F/190°C

First, create your template for cutting the sides of your flowerpots. Go to to create a pattern for your truncated (topless) cone. Choose inches and type in 3” for the top diameter 2” for the bottom diameter, and 1.5” for the height. Print out the pattern and cut out the shape. Use a 1 ¾” circular cutter or glass as a template for the base.

Combine the flours, dates, ground seeds and spices in a food processor and pulse a few times. Add the pulp and vanilla extract or vanilla seeds. Run until the dough gathers into a ball. Adjust with a bit more pulp if too dry or a bit more flour if too wet.

Transfer to a board, lined with parchment. If the dough tends to stick, sprinkle the board lightly with flour. Knead a few times, gather in a ball, and divide into quarters for easier handling and rolling. Covering the other 3 with plastic wrap to prevent drying. Roll out the first ball thinly and uniformly to 1/8” thickness or less. Lay down the template and cut out the sides and the circular base. Wrap the sides around the base, pressing to seal the seams. Move to a cookie sheet lined with parchment and repeat until all your flowerpots are constructed.

Bake at 370°F/190°C for 15 minutes or until it feels firm but not stiff. The flowerpots will harden as they cool. We’re looking for the mouthfeel of a soft cookie so do not overbake. Remove and transfer to a rack to cool.

Cacao Ganache Soil

To make date paste, pit 2 cups of dates, add to a bowl and barely cover with water. Microwave 2 minutes or simmer on a stovetop 5 minutes to rehydrate and soften. Blend in a food processor or high-speed blender. Scrape down sides and continue to process until completely smooth and uniform. We are looking for a dense, stiff paste. The smoother the date paste, the silkier the ganache will be. Date paste keeps for weeks in the fridge and freezes well. Measure out 1 ¾ cups and store any excess.

Then combine all ganache ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor, run for 1-2 minutes, scraping down sides. Taste to correct for sweetness, spiciness, saltiness, as you prefer.

Use immediately or refrigerate for 1 hour for a denser texture. Ganache will last about a week in the fridge.

Fruit Toppings

Rinse, dry and slice your fruit.

Planting your Flowerpots

Fill each flowerpot with the ganache up to ½” from the rim. Decorate each pot a little differently, creatively mixing and matching your fruit toppings.

You can fill your flowerpots in advance and store in the fridge for several hours. Bring to room temp before serving. Garnish, with a few edible leaves. And dig in!

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