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About Me

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 A seasoned plant-based nutritional coach and chef, Cathy teaches about the profound health benefits from centering one's diet around plants.


Through fun, creative cooking and lifestyle change, Cathy uses plant-based nutrition to help clients lose weight, lower inflammation, restore gut health, boost energy, and lift spirits. 

A few years back my family went through a harrowing medical crisis which set me on a new course.  I discovered 50 years of nutritional research and clinical evidence  supporting a diet based on whole plant foods to best treat - and many times reverse - our most pervasive and debilitating chronic degenerative diseases. 
Like many others who have undertaken similar dietary changes,the results for my family have been spectacular and we have never looked back.  

Most of us are blithely unaware or indifferent to diet and health until serious illness strikes.  I want to help others prevent a medical tragedy from ever occurring.  But if it does, I will help you find your way to healing and recovery through whole plant foods

My mission is:
  • to educate others about the powerful health impacts from eating a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet that is low in fat
  • to guide them as they transition to a plant-based lifestyle
  • to empower them to stretch their culinary horizons in delicious, health-promoting ways and learn some new tricks in the kitchen.  
  • to support families by providing super healthful vegan meals, adapted to their medical needs and lifestyle goals
There are so many scrumptious avenues to explore! 


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Current Employment

  • Owner, Cathy's Kitchen Prescription LLC

  • Food Editor, VEGWORLD Magazine

Certifications & Degrees
  • Plant-Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Cornell University

  • Plant-Based Professional Culinary Certification, Rouxbe Cooking School

  • M.A., Johns Hopkins University

  • Graduate study, Harvard University

  • B.A., University of Chicago

Client Testimonials

"...I just returned from the nephrologist (who was), in his words, shocked to see the level of improvement, especially in someone who was close to red-lining. He's never seen that before, but he may not have had any patients that changed eating patterns as carefully as I have....You are the person most directly responsible for making this happen, so I am in your debt and cannot thank you enough."

M.S., Westport CT 

"I wanted to say thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the evening. Your knowledge of nutrition and cooking vegan food was so impressive and sharing this in such an accepting and encouraging way made it such a wonderful experience!.... I’m looking forward to more inspiring lessons!" Tina T.

"I've really enjoyed the cooking demos.  What has been most valuable for me (even beyond the recipes) has been the techniques and all the information that you share with us during the classes." Christie N.

 "I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two classes. A wonderful warm home setting with wonderful people. Extremely informative, healthy, meals & new to me, plant based anti-inflammatory way of cooking & much, much more. Thank you, Cathy."  Sheila H.

"Thank you for an extraordinarily delicious and informative evening. We will be looking at food differently at my house!"  Amy O.

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