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I currently work with individuals and groups, teaching the benefits of plant-based nutrition and how to profoundly change what to eat and how to cook.  In 2015 I started up Cathy's Kitchen Prescription LLC, supporting individuals, medical practices, and businesses.

Whether you're looking for a healthy eating series for your workplace, group or personalized cooking instruction, meals prepared at home, or plant-based nutrition and lifestyle guidance, I'll work with you to come up with a plan that supports your goals and stays within your budget and time frame.  

My Services



Talks, tailored to your audience, about the evidence-based health benefits of plant-based nutrition. Topics may include: eating your way to health, how to prepare delicious dishes without added fats/oils; how to lose weight safely and maintain it; how to beat food addictions, and how to manage a plant-based lifestyle in meat-dominant culture.

Personal Chef

Deliciously and healthy plant-based meals prepared in home for busy families seeking very healthy, plant-based meals, for people recovering from illness or surgery, and for those who are house-bound.  Meal choices can be modified to accommodate food sensitivities, health status, and taste preferences. See pricing, meal options and photos here

Cooking Instruction

Individualized plant-based cooking instruction, tailored to one's tastes and budget. Group cooking classes with instruction on oil-free, cooking and baking techniques.

Train medical and food-service staff in plant-based, low-fat cuisine and cooking techniques.

See current class offerings here


Nutritional and Lifestyle Support  

Individualized guidance and support to help you shift your dietary habits in a plant-based direction, lose weight if you need to, and sustain your health gains over time. Schedule a consultation here.


Recipe and Menu Development

My joy is to develop original recipes and to translate traditional ethnic dishes to healthier, anti-inflammatory, plant-based versions. If you are a restaurant that wants help broadening your healthy vegan offerings or a home cook who wants to morph your family's favorite foods into delicious plant-based versions, drop me a line.

What we put in our mouths profoundly impacts our health – for good or for ill.  


Whole plant foods, brimming with phytonutrients, fiber and antioxidants, work in synergy to boost their positive, protective effects within our bodies.


Nutrient-dense plant foods sustain our microbiome, our resident colonies of beneficial gut flora, enhancing our heart, cognition, digestive health, mood and more.


"Thanks, Cathy, for the lovely class. I feel we are fortunate to have you in Ridgefield. Plant- based cooking is the way to go. Highly recommend your classes. And coaching. Worth a try, Ridgefielders!"  Marta A.


"Thanks Cathy for a fabulous cooking lesson last night.  I really enjoyed meeting you and getting to hear other insights into healthy eating.  Hope to attend another one soon."  Mary H.

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