Some plant-based, low-fat dishes from my kitchen!

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"I... took one of your classes... & I have to tell you that I was so inspired, I cook now! For my entire life, if it wasn't microwavable & pre-packaged, I didn't have the time to bother. Now I only cook plant-based and MAKE the time to cook every week. I am actually enjoying cooking for the first time in my life & have planted two gardens this spring that are based on my favorite recipes. I look forward to attending the classes and learning more! Thank you!" Christine J.


Wednesday February 12, 6-8 pm, Ridgefield CT

Plantbased Cooking Demo/Tasting, $25 pp

Zhingyalov Khat, herb-stuffed 

flat bread

vegan, high fiber, whole grain, no oil or shortening,

anti-inflammatory, low fat

I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but I just can't wait any longer for Spring! Nature needs to wake up already. My body is craving those fresh local herbs and tender greens, our earliest harbingers.  Isn't yours? 

So many ethnic traditions celebrate spring and the return of the growing season with spring greens, the earliest leafy arrivals. At our next cooking class on February 12, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorites.  A marriage made in heaven, it combines the nutritional potency of tender greens and fresh herbs with the homey aromas, taste and comfort of fresh bread:

An Armenian early spring favorite, 'zhingyalov khat' - the beautiful homemade lavash, stuffed to the gills with a dazzling array of herbs and greens, and seasoned with just the right amount of tangy sumac and mild Aleppo pepper to make it sing. Cooked quickly on a saj, a convex flat griddle (or your largest nonstick skillet), it's heavenly to tear off pieces to dunk into fresh homemade and probiotic-rich soy yogurt, its traditional, and perfect, culinary partner. 


As healthy as leafy greens and herbs are at lowering systemic inflammation and oxidative stress, key root causes of most chronic diseases, we'll increase our khat's fiber and nutrient density even further by using whole wheat instead of white flour, and by ditching the traditional butter and oil.  Trust me, you won't miss them. 

A simple, peasant dish that cooks up quickly, zhingyalov khat makes a welcome,  satisfying addition to your healthy, low-fat, nutrient-dense plantbased table.  Join us next time for a fun-filled class and bring along your appetite!

In my lively, fun, interactive classes I demonstrate fundamental  plant-based no-oil culinary techniques. You'll learn new culinary methods, meet new friends, treat your tastebuds, and come away with recipes and culinary know-how that will help you become more confident and creative in your own kitchens.

Cooking and sharing food is a social, communal activity, a bonding experience and a fundamental way we express love and gratitude.  Why  not celebrate with friends and family over these warming, comforting, health-supportive plant-based dishes? 

So wake up your senses!  You won't get bored on your plant-based journey to better health & weight loss with delicious plant-based foods.  They delight the palate, enhance your waistline, nourish your friendly gut flora, and promote your body's natural propensity to recover & heal.

"Just wanted to let you know my friend and I really enjoyed the class. The apple rosettes were SO delicious! We are both planning to attend the lunch prep class you told us about. Thanks again!"   Lorenn L.

My mission is to translate traditional cuisines & create original dishes that are delicious, beautiful to behold, & entirely health-promoting -- & to share them with you!  All my recipes are plant-based with no added fats, refined flours, sugars or oils. All are loaded with flavor, high in health-promoting fiber and antioxidants, & just plain fun to eat!


Plant-based foods, low in fat, high in nutrients & fiber, are the optimal foods to keep our gut bacteria happy & working on our behalf as we quench systemic inflammation & oxidative stress - the drivers of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, & autoimmune disorders - our leading causes of death & disability.


So  stretch your culinary horizons. It's easy, it's delicious. Vibrant health & energy are only a forkful away!

Please note: Many classes fill up so make sure you  sign up early!  If you must cancel, please alert me at least 24 hours in advance.


I can accommodate up to 15 in a demo, but if fewer than 6 register, I may have to cancel.     

Register EARLY to save your spot and bring along family or friends who might enjoy learning some new and healthy plant-based cooking

techniques to include in their weekly mean-planning.  


(If you'd like to bring more than one buddy, please shoot me an email in advance.)


We'll have a lot to cover, so please be prompt.  We'll start on time.  

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Plant-Based Chef, Nutritional Coach, Culinary Instructor

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