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"We tried a little of everything tonight at dinner. Literally every dish was amazing!!! We absolutely loved everything. You are so talented and not only is everything delicious but it’s so wonderful that it is so healthy and nutritious also. Huge thank you!!!"

~ Annie P., New Canaan, CT

"Thank you so much! My mom was over the moon learning from you. Seriously, a highlight of her life!  The food et al was great. Soup amazing! Mushrooms and polenta - fantastic. Thank you!"

~ Debbie B., New Canaan, CT

" I wanted to thank you so, so much for the delicious food.  It was way beyond our expectations.... I was so thrilled that Paul really liked everything, & I just feel very energized:  I think I could really get him motivated to try to eat a healthy lifestyle.... I would definitely love you to continue....


There's just such a great feeling when you're eating something that you know is really healing & energizing & making your body healthy.  It makes you feel really good all over. So thank you so much again Cathy!"   ~ Tracy T., South Salem, NY

Not everyone has the time or the desire to shop and prepare meals. Sometimes, priorities pull us elsewhere. So, we take out and eat out which is expedient but can sabotage our weight, our pocketbook, and especially our long-term health. Restaurant and most prepared foods are high in animal protein, fat, salt and sugar that drive systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and damage to our gut microbiome (the underpinning of so many chronic illnesses). It can be challenging to find appealing and healthy plant-based options outside the home.

Whether you seek short-term support as you recover from surgery; a little mid-week relief; or a full week's meal prep, I will offer an arrangement that meets your specific needs and budget. I source fresh, organic produce and prepare tasty, satisfying health-promoting meals in your home, tailored to your tastes and medical needs. 

If you struggle to find the time to prepare beautiful, healthful dishes to help you lose weight or manage and improve many chronic  conditions,  I can help you.  Please contact me to learn more.

"I want to update you on how things have been since you taught me a bunch of great things about plant-based eating... We kind of got the hang of it after my experience with you; I dropped 4 pounds, my energy level soared and A. is feeling WAY better than he was..."

~ Judy F., Newtown, CT

"Cathy pours her heart + soul into all that she cooks. Super flavorful, unique + satisfying -surprising the vegan  skeptics!" 

~ Lauren C., Ridgefield, CT

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