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Tasty Morsels: Mini Veggie Quiches

Chase the winter blues away with a colorful blend of your favorite seasonal veggies freshly baked in creamy custard and wrapped in a crispy chickpea dough crust.

These tasty morsels burst with flavor, are low in calories but very high in nutrition, being entirely plant-based and low in fat (no dairy, no eggs, no oils).

I love to visit my green grocer and select the freshest and most colorful veggies in season. The tiny tarts shown above combined Chioggia beets, purple sweet potatoes, red onions, baby greens and broccoli. They are CHOCKFUL of phytonutrients and antioxidants that bolster our immune systems, stifle systemic inflammation and keep our microbiomes humming. They're festive and beautiful -- perfect for breakfast, brunch or miniaturized into petite appetizers. And they're fun to make too!


Mini Veggie Quiches (around 24 mini-tarts or twelve 3" individual quiches) Plant-Based, no-oil, gluten-free

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F, 230 degrees C


Veggies (or substitute 3-4 cups of any cooked mixed vegetables you happen to have)

2 golden, red, or Chioggia beets, peeled, minced

1 lb spinach or mixed baby leafy greens like kale, chard, collards

1 large red onion, medium dice

1 medium or 3 small purple or orange fleshed sweet potatoes

1 large crown of broccoli, divided into small florets

Dry vermouth or veggie broth to deglaze sauteed onions