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Lazy December Sunday Mornings

If you find yourself stressed and getting cranky from too many commitments this holiday season, don't fret!! This simple culinary remedy will help: There's nothin` like blueberry pancakes for a leisurely Sunday brunch to soothe body and soul to revitalize you!

So let me share my family's Sunday breakfast ritual with you. It's sure to become your weekly ritual too: Add a little freshly squeezed orange juice, and a hot beverage (my indulgence, a heady decaf cappuccino) for a complete, sumptuous, totally satisfying and nutritious plant-based breakfast.

These particular pancakes call for whole chickpea and spelt flours (for a completely gluten-free option, just use all chickpea flour or substitute the spelt with a g-f alternative like buckwheat, brown rice or oat). There's no dairy and no oil to clog arteries and weight us down. Instead, these cakes are chock full of whole grains, berries, and beneficial spices -- whose antioxidants and fiber help drive down inflammation, lower blood pressure, and boost our immunity.

Have fun with it. Make it your own. I bet these become your Sunday ritual too!

Happy Holidays!

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