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TEXAS is doing it Right!

Who could have imagined that East Texas, the land of barbecue and chicken-fried steak might be leading the country when it comes raising public awareness to address chronic disease through plant-based nutrition?

Just a few short years ago the local mayor of Marshall, Texas, Ed Smith, did something simple but PROFOUND: Diagnosed with prostate cancer, he changed to diet from meat-based to plant.

Before very long, his cancer disappeared. To spread the word, he invited Rip Esselstyn (Engine 2 Diet) to help educate his community. One by one, people in his town who suffered from obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension changed their diets too. By so doing, they lost a lot of weight and recovered their health. Insurance costs went down. And Main Street was revitalized as new plant-based eateries proliferated.

Marshall now holds an annual New Year, New You Health Fest, featuring leading nutritional experts, plant-based chefs and athletes, which draws folks in from 17 states. They've become the nutritional hub for the Southwest. Here's a short video news clip and New York Times coverage of Marshall's story.

A few hours drive due west from Marshall, another remarkable health milestone is unfolding: Dr. Sari Nabulsi, Chief of Staff at Midland Memorial Hospital, is taking his hospital plant-based! He has embarked on an educational initiative to encourage his patients and the wider Midland community to reap the health rewards that come with a plant-based lifestyle. He describes his reasons why and the scope of his comprehensive wellness program in today's Midland Reporter-Telegram article.

May these men's inspiring leadership spark change in communities all across America.

Share their stories with your physicians, town officials, friends and family and light a spark that can spread throughout your own communities too!

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