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Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy's Kitchen Prescription LLC



Moroccan in spirit, fragrant with spices, herbs, even a few flowers, this heady but delicate plant-based tagine wows all the senses and makes an exciting dish for special occasions.



Serves 4


1 large red onion, medium dice

3-4 large garlic cloves, minced

1 tbs grated fresh ginger (about 1”)

2 tbs ras el hanout spice blend or to taste

1 medium sweet potato, diced

2 medium carrots, diced

handful of mint leaves, cut in thin chiffonade ribbons

2 cups veggie broth (unsalted)

2 tbs tomato paste

Small pinch of saffron filaments, c. 10, toasted lightly, crumbled & soaked in broth for 30 minutes (optional)

3 cups cooked chickpeas

½-1 tsp of Aleppo pepper flakes or ground Kashmiri peppers or to taste

½ lb morelli or violetti artichokes, halved or quartered with outer leaves removed (if you can find 'em), soak in

acidulated water until use

Juice from 1 lemon or to taste

1-2 tsp ground sumac or to taste (optional)

1 lb asparagus, tough lower stalk removed, cut in 1/2” sections

½ cup flavorful whole green olives (e.g. taggiasca, cerignola, picholine etc.)

1 cup sweet peas, fresh or defrosted

½ cup dried apricots, soaked 10 minutes in water

¼ cup golden raisins or 1/8 cup Indian black raisins, soaked 10 minutes in water

½ cup unsalted shelled pistachios, rubbed in a towel to loosen/remove skins

2 tsp sea salt or to taste



zest from 3 lemons

handful of cilantro leaves, whole

handful of parsley leaves, whole


Aleppo or Kashmiri pepper flakes or powder



Toast & soak saffron, if using. Dry sauté onion in hot deep skillet over medium flame with a pinch of salt until onion has released its moisture & begun to carmelize, c. 3-4 minutes. Add garlic & ginger. Cook for a minute & deglaze pan with minimal amount of broth. Add sweet potato, carrot, artichokes, ras el hanout & mint. Sauté several minutes. Dissolve tomato paste in the broth. Add saffron & its water to broth, & stir into skillet. Add chickpeas & chili powder/flakes. Cook 1 minute.  Add lemon juice & sumac, if using, tasting as you go to not overdo the acidity. Add asparagus. Wait 1 minute for thin asparagus, 2-3 minutes for thicker stems.


When carrots, artichokes & sweet potatoes are softened, add olives, peas (if fresh), fruits. Salt to taste. Cook another minute & correct all seasonings as needed (acidity, spice, heat, salt ). Add pistachios & peas (if defrosted) & cook for final minute.


Serve with your favorite whole-wheat couscous or your favorite whole grain on warmed plates. Garnish with lots of lemon zest, parsley & cilantro leaves, & if you like, for a little more heat & color), sprinkle on some Aleppo chili flakes or a pinch of Kashmiri.pepper powder.


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