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Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy’s Kitchen Prescription LLC


Zhingyalov Khat

Armenian Herb-Stuffed Flatbread


Prep time 1 hour   Cook time 30 minutes   Makes 6-8


What better way to welcome Spring than to make a batch of delicious tender flatbreads, stuffed to the brink with a dazzling array of fresh herbs and tender greens! Zhingyalov khat hail from Armenia. My version tweaks the traditional recipes healthier, using white whole wheat flour instead of white and ditching any butter or oils.

Serve with homemade soy yogurt for a real treat and a meal in itself!




3 ½ cups white whole wheat flour

1 ⅓ cups warm water


Option: to strengthen the dough, improve its texture and facilitate folding the dough without tearing, add

3 ½ teaspoons of vital wheat gluten



Filling (feel free to substitute other seasonal greens and herbs)

4 ounce bag of baby spinach

4 ounce bag of watercress

4 ounce bag of baby arugula

1 bunch carrot tops, washed well and dried

1 nice bunch each of dill, basil, tarragon, sorrel (if available), chives, cilantro, Italian parsley, mint,

    washed and dried

1 big bunch of garlic chives (a.k.a. Chinese leeks) if you can find them, washed well and dried  OR 1 head garlic, dry roasted,

     peeled, chopped crudely

1 big bunch scallions, washed, dried, cut in ½” slices

1 bunch fresh fenugreek (found in South Asian markets) OR ½ cup dried fenugreek leaves (a.k.a. methi


Salt to taste (optional)

1-2 teaspoons Aleppo pepper flakes or to taste

2-3 teaspoons ground sumac

A few fresh grinds of black pepper



Add 1 ½ pounds cherry tomatoes, halved and roasted

Or Add 2 red onions, large dice, dry sautéed

Or Add seeds from one large pomegranate




To roast a head of garlic, peel off loose outer papery skins and roast in a 400°F/205°C oven for 25-30 minutes. Cool, peel cloves, crudely chop, set aside.


In a large mixing bowl add the warm water, stirring in the flour and gluten. Mix well but don’t knead yet. Set aside for 20-30 minutes to autolyze.


On a lightly floured board knead the dough for 10 minutes, adding only enough flour to keep from sticking. The dough should be quite smooth. Rest it for 30 minutes as you prepare your greens.


Wash and dry the greens and herbs if they are sandy and not pre-washed. Dry all washed greens as well as you can with paper and clean cloth dish towels. Discard any discolored or wilted leaves. Discard stems that are not quite tender. Pulse in batches in a food processor to chop crudely but uniformly. Do not overprocess. Or chop by hand into ½” pieces.  The moisture released by chopping is fine and actually will help steam the greens and tenderize the bread as it cooks. Combine all filling ingredients and mix well.  Season to taste.


Heat a good quality non-stick skillet or flat griddle over moderate heat for 5 minutes.


For a 9” long flatbread start with a 2” ball of dough, keeping the rest of the dough covered to prevent drying.

On a lightly floured board roll out a circle or oval about 9” long. Generously pile about 2 cups of the mixed greens, leaving a ½” border from the edges of the dough. Gather two sides together and pinch them closed in the middle of the flatbread. Then gently fold the edges together like a dumpling, left over right, right over left, and so on until you reach the end. Fold up the last bit of dough. Repeat from the middle down to other end of the flatbread. With the edge of your hand smartly press down all along the seam to seal it.


Hint: If you are not using vital wheat gluten and find the dough tears too easily, seam simply by pinching the edges together from the center upward and then the center downward. Then use the edge of your hand to press the entire seam as instructed above.


Lift and place seam-side down on your skillet or griddle. Cover with a lid for 1 minute or until golden and mottled on the underside. Flip and cook another 1-2 minutes until golden.  Flip one more time, pressing with a nonstick spatula to force some of the liquid from the greens onto the surface of the zhingyalov khat to flavor and moisten the bread. Flip one final time and press.  Remove to a cooling rack. Cover with a cloth to keep warm. And repeat for the remaining dough and filling.


Serve warm or reheat in a microwave for 20-30 seconds or lightly on your skillet or griddle.  Armenians enjoy zhingyalov khat as an appetizer but they make a fine supper too, especially if you serve with homemade soy yogurt (for my soy Greek yogurt recipe go to  


Happy spring!!

Zhingyalov Khat (Armenian Herb-Stuffed Flatbread)