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Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy's Kitchen Prescription LLC


Greek Style Vegan Yogurt


Homemade fermented soy milk creates a yogurt so creamy, thick and rich, tangy and lively tasting, you'll wonder why you ever bought the store-made stuff. Minimally processed soy milk, rich in isoflavones, provides so many health benefits for breast, prostate and bone health, is a rich source of potassium, iron, fiber, a great source of anti-inflammatory plant proteins, and all without the growth hormones, estrogen, high levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium found in dairy.


And that's before fermentation! Cultured with a blend of beneficial lactobacilli bacteria, fermentation transforms the soymilk into a live probiotic yogurt, very digestible, supporting gut health, reducing inflammation, and working to heal gut permeability.


On the culinary side, yogurt is extremely versatile ingredient in the plant-based kitchen, delicious, unadulterated, for a satisfying breakfast or snack, smothered in berries if you like.  Thin it with vinegar or lemon/lime juice, or flavor it with pomegranate molasses, citrus zest, Dijon mustard and herbs for a salad dressing.  Combine it with various cucumber, herbs and spices for tzatzikis, raitas and other tasty dips.  Or bag it in a square of muslin and hang it to strain, thicken, and ripen further to make crème fraîche, sour cream,  and creamy süzme or labneh yogurt cheese.


Makes  about 8 cups                    Prep time 30 min                       Passive Fermentation time 8 hours




2-3 qt saucepan 

Cooking thermometer

A heat source that can maintain a constant 100 degree F (38C) temp (e.g. an oven, yogurt maker, instapot or dehydrator

Clean lidded jars or other containers




1 quart minimally processed or homemade soy milk

Combo of 1 capsule of Solgar Advanced 40+ acidophilus + 1 capsule of Rite Aid's Maximum Strength Probiotic




In a saucepan, heat the soy milk to 105-108F°/40-42C°. Add the probiotic capsules, stirring well.  Take care not to exceed these temps or you risk killing the microbes.


Transfer cultured milk to clean containers for fermenting. Attach lids lightly. Set oven or dehydrator temp to 100-108°F/38-42°C. Set timer for 8 hours. Over this time, the yogurt will develop its flavor, its bacteria will proliferate and the yogurt will thicken. Tighten lids and refrigerate. 

Soy Greek-Style Yogurt