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Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy's Kitchen Prescription LLC




Makes 1 cup              Prep time 4-12 hours


Straining fresh vegan yogurt is an age-old tradition to make yogurt cheese, called by many names and beloved throughout the Middle East and Asia Minor.  Strained, fermented yogurt makes a pretty wonderful cream cheese.


Depending on your application and preferences, you can strain the yogurt for a shorter time period less for a milder flavor and looser consistency.  To roll your süzme in herbs, nuts and spices, as is typically shared on “mezze” tables, strain the yogurt overnight, 8-12 hours for a riper flavor and denser consistency, which also makes them easier to handle.



A square foot piece of cotton muslin, and 2-3' of string



2 cups Greek-style soy yogurt


Suggestions for toppings

Aleppo pepper

Za'atar spice blend (choose a blend that actually contains the herb za'atar, many don't)

Roasted unsalted pistachios, skins removed and sliced or chopped

Ground sumac berries

Fresh dill leaves

Cilantro leaves, roughly chopped

Fresh mint leaves, chopped

Toasted sesame seeds

Toasted pine nuts or walnuts, chopped finely but not pulverized



Spread the muslin over a large strainer or colander and spoon in the yogurt. Tie up the ends of the cloth with string and hang over the bowl for 3-4 hours for cream cheese.  For süzme’s denser, more concentrated flavor, transfer to a refrigerator for additional 8 hours.


Remove from the muslin and shape into balls or small bite-sized oblongs. Roll in various herbs and spice blends as your like. Refrigerate until serving.

Süzme Vegan Yogurt Cheese