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Cathy Katin-Grazzini

Cathy’s Kitchen Prescription LLC


Potato-Stuffed Mini Peppers


When you just gotta have some comforting mashed potatoes, all creamy, garlicy, and herb-scented, here is a fun way to make them!  Stuffed and baked in mini bell peppers, these delightful morsels make a pretty appetizer, a colorful side, yummy finger food, and a nutritious way to brighten your holiday table.


Prep time 50 minutes     Bake time 30-40 minutes      Makes 30-40




Serrated grapefruit knife


Potato ricer

Pastry bag, fitted with large nozzle

Muffin tins or ramekins for individual servings, or quiche pan or similar baking dishes to serve a crowd





3 pounds mini bell peppers, cored and deseeded



5-6 russet or yellow potatoes, boiled

3-4 sprigs of fresh sage and/or rosemary leaves, chopped

1 large head garlic, roasted, peeled

2-3 Tablespoons shiro (white) miso or to taste •

1 cup low-fat plant-based milk or ½ cup plant-based milk plus ½ cup soy yogurt for creamier potatoes

Big pinch ground white pepper

Big pinch ground nutmeg

Pinch of ground chili of your choice for a zippy potato (optional)



Miso is a good salt alternative that helps to lower heart rate and does not raise blood pressure (,%2C%20including%20salt%2Dsensitive%20hypertension).


Hint!  Boost flavor and nutrition by storing your spices and chilis whole, only grinding the amount you need when you use it. Store whole spices/dried mushrooms/chilis in jars in a cool, dark, cupboard.




Preheat oven to 375°F/190°C



With a paring knife, cut off the tip and bottom of each pepper. Remove seeds with a grapefruit knife. Fill the muffin tins, ramekins, or quiche pans with the pepper shells. They will shrink slightly as they bake to make sure they fit tightly.  Set aside.



Combine plant milk, soy yogurt if using, chopped herbs, garlic, white pepper, nutmeg, and miso to a blender. Blend thoroughly.


Boil potatoes until a knife penetrates easily. Drain. Rice the potatoes while hot, returning them to the pot.  Reheat over a very low flame, add the blended seasoned milk, whipping them with a wooden spoon to moisten and flavor the potatoes. If the mix becomes too dry, add a little more milk or soy yogurt.  Taste and correct seasonings as you like.


Fill the pastry bag and generously fill each pepper tube.



Bake for 30 minutes and begin checking for doneness. The peppers are ready when they soften and toast on the top. Remove from oven. Transfer from muffin tins to serving dishes, if needed.


Serve warm and enjoy!


Potato-Stuffed Mini Peppers