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When I was quite young, my favorite meal was Sunday breakfast. That's when my dad donned his apron and made pancakes. For the final batch we'd get to choose the shape of our hotcake: bunny or bird, airplane or dinosaur. No pancake ever tasted so sweet! Anything that tickles a child's imagination will capture her/his interest and affection.

Today our kids are in real trouble. They're bombarded with unhealthy food messages pushing pizza and soda, sugary cereals, processed and fast food.  Obesity and diabetes are becoming epidemic, gut disorders and autoimmune conditions are on the rise -- all threatening a growing proportion of our kids and setting them up for a lifelong struggle with chronic illness, a lifespan cut short, dreams curtailed. These are lifestyle diseases and mostly caused by the very foods we feed them (1).

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard we all need to consume more plant foods, rich in fiber, nutrient-dense and low-calorie to lower system...

     So many folks today are bending their family's eating habits towards plants, out of concern for health, for the environment, and for animal welfare. But in so doing, we don't have to dump the baby out with the bathwater! Why not adapt our beloved old family favorites into versions that fully deliver on taste but provide all the benefits we look for in plants?

     So what makes a recipe unhealthy? The past 50 years of nutritional research has shown us that in postwar America, the rising consumption of meat, dairy, highly processed convenience foods, fast food and soda have led to a precipitous rise in the rates of obesity and chronic diseases. Many of us are taking steps now to wean ourselves off junk and improve the quality of the foods we choose for our families.  Many vegan food manufacturers, restaurants, and bloggers have responded to this growing consumer demand for healthier choices by ditching the meat/chicken/fish/dairy.  But as you may know, vegan does not...

October 14, 2016

When the weather turns brisk or you need a delicious tonic to heal all manner of ills, this classic Tuscan veggie soup/stew may prove just what the doctor orde

August 8, 2016

 A few months back I did a cooking demo for the Westchester PlantPure meetup, led by the enthusiastic, indefatigable Jeanne Schmacher, who very kindly filmed, edited & shared it here. 

Mushrooms are an invaluable addition to the plant-based pantry.  From a culinary perspective, they lend rich, desirable umami flavor notes.  But from the health perspective they really shine!

There are hundreds of varieties of funghi, from delicate enokis to prodigious king oysters, mild white buttons to the intensely flavored (& favored) porcini & morels. Mushrooms have the unique ability to stimulate our immune systems to fight infection & counter malignancies while ALSO curbing inflammation to counter chronic illnesses, & protect from an over-active immune effects in auto-immune disorders & allergies. Quite remarkable.

You can top this saute on flavorful crostini made from coarsely ground polenta, rich in antioxidants, vitamin Bs & fiber, or millet crost...

April 1, 2016


We're all trying to increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables to enhance our health, strengthen our immune systems and drive down systemic inflammation.  Folks have been asking me how they should shop for produce.  They wonder, is buying organic always preferable?  

Benefits vs. Risks of Conventional Produce

First, let me put your mind at ease:  Whenever we hear about a recall due to an outbreak of E. coli or salmonella, our alarm bells go off over food safety.  And when it comes to the public's exposure to pesticides and cancer risks, many believe pesticides kill as many people as automobile fatalities or smoking. (1)  

Such fears are vastly overblown and very unfortunate if they frighten us away from eating mo...

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"Thank you so much for such a great evening! I came home telling my husband about it and look forward to checking out the movie and websites you shared. Plus, the meal was just delicious!" Diane H.

"I FINALLY tried your recipe for savory pie husband gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 which for him is HUGE praise! ...DELICIOUS!...  I had promised my husband I would write to you today as he wanted to add his thanks too.  :)"

Lani H.

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