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Blog's the staff of life. Today, it's tough to buy fiber-rich, microbiome-friendly 100% whole grain loaves containing health-promoting bran and germ. Most commercial breads use refined white flour in whole or in part, adding sugars, dairy, oils, salt, and preservatives.

In the East there's a beautiful tradition of folding and twisting dough in intricate ways to create eye-catching rolls that are then steamed, not baked. Steaming bread cooks it at far lower temperatures than baking, creating super healthy, tender, moist rolls you eat by tearing off layers to sop up sauces, stews or dunk into soup.

"Tingmo", as they're known in Tibet, are traditionally made with white flour and starch, oil, salt and sugar, however. We can do better!

Here's my new recipe for tender nutty steamed tingmo, made only with red whole wheat flour, wheat germ, water and yeast. That's it. You can eat 'em plain or have fun dusting them with your favorite herbs and spices. Tingmo have become a staple on my plant-...

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"Thank you so much for such a great evening! I came home telling my husband about it and look forward to checking out the movie and websites you shared. Plus, the meal was just delicious!" Diane H.

"I FINALLY tried your recipe for savory pie husband gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 which for him is HUGE praise! ...DELICIOUS!...  I had promised my husband I would write to you today as he wanted to add his thanks too.  :)"

Lani H.

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