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April 14, 2016


We are blessed to live in the 21st century, aren't we? When it comes to food, we live in a land of plenty.  Malnutrition is the scourge of far-away countries where drought, economic insecurity & political upheaval are rife, right?  


Sadly, today in the US too many Americans live in food deserts with little access to fresh produce, where junk & fast food are staples. This isn't malnutrition from starvation; it's malnutrition from the overconsumption of fattening, nutrient-poor products. Regrettably, both lead to stress, despair, poor health & shortened lifespans.



There is hope.  I'd like to give a shout-out to urban farming & ingenious initiatives like teacher Steve Ritz's Bronx Green Machine, Boston's recent startup Fresh Truck, & one couple's humble farm-to-table after-school club at an elementary school in Washington state.  These are but a few big-hearted ideas centered around fresh produce that are transf...

April 8, 2016

If you're American of a certain age, you constantly received the dietary message to make protein the focus of every meal.  And the more protein, the better!  You still may worry about getting enough protein in your diet.


So when we hear about the benefits of a plant-oriented diet, your first question likely isGeez, how will I get enough protein?”


Too Much of a Good Thing

There are many historical & economic reasons for our preoccupation with protein.  Today, however, the facts just don't justify our fears:  In the U.S., whether meat-loving or vegan, all Americans consume similar levels of protein at around 70g/day (1).  This is WELL ABOVE the recommended level. The RDA's guide for the optimal - NOT minimal – protein daily requirement is 56g/day for men & 46g/day for women. (2)  


Unless you are on a severely calorie-restricted diet or very ill, you will not be deficient in protein.  Have you ever run into anyone with Kwashiorkor? Me neither....

April 1, 2016


We're all trying to increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables to enhance our health, strengthen our immune systems and drive down systemic inflammation.  Folks have been asking me how they should shop for produce.  They wonder, is buying organic always preferable?  

Benefits vs. Risks of Conventional Produce

First, let me put your mind at ease:  Whenever we hear about a recall due to an outbreak of E. coli or salmonella, our alarm bells go off over food safety.  And when it comes to the public's exposure to pesticides and cancer risks, many believe pesticides kill as many people as automobile fatalities or smoking. (1)  

Such fears are vastly overblown and very unfortunate if they frighten us away from eating mo...

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"I FINALLY tried your recipe for savory pie husband gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 which for him is HUGE praise! ...DELICIOUS!...  I had promised my husband I would write to you today as he wanted to add his thanks too.  :)"

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